How Lucky I Am

by Moira Waugh

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Send this romantic love song to the love of your life this Valentine's Day to remind them of how lucky you are to be with them.

"How Lucky I Am" is an easy listening, jazzy pop song that embraces the strength of true love and expresses gratitude to have found it. This is the first single from Moira Waugh's debut album 'The Wrong Girl.'

'The Wrong Girl' is a full album with thirteen tracks and three singles: “How Lucky I Am” (February 9, 2016 release date), “Small Back Room” (March 15, 2016 release date), and “Garnet Wine” (March 29, 2016 release date). It was professionally mixed by Marcel Filler and mastered by Christoph Stickel to ensure a sonically enhanced listening experience. On the February 26, 2016 album release date, a video contest with $1500 of cash prizes will launch with submissions accepted through April 30, 2016.


released February 9, 2016

Vocals: Moira Waugh
Lyrics: Mark Bass
Composition: Mark Bass, Siobhan Dakay
Arrangement: Siobhan Dakay
Mix: Marcel Filler (
Mastering: Christoph Stickel (




Moira Waugh Saint Petersburg, Florida

Moira Waugh is a Brit living in Florida with her American singer/songwriter husband Mark Bass.

"Moira Waugh is an alluring artist with both her elegant, strong voice and her thoroughly engaging lyrics. Her natural vocal delivery has a laid-back, jazzy feel that gives you time to contemplate what she's saying. Her lyrics are so good that you'll want to do just that."
Kara Square, Thinkroot Records
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Track Name: How Lucky I Am
Our love’s been a long time coming, building deep inside
Gonna be the love too strong to hide. Everybody’s gonna know,
they’ll look at us and smile, good love’s even better when it take a while.
I can take the old folks laughing, their knowing little smiles
I can take the talk about us, it’ll go away after a while
And I’ll be loving you, the only love I ever needed
when all is said and through. I think about you all the time
You know I do. How lucky I am
To be with you

And I hope you feel the same way twenty years from now
Glad we’ve found each other somehow.
A love like ours only come along one time if at all
The waiting on that one time really worth the fall.
I don’t care about your past, don’t care who you’ve done
Just want us to be together, two lives lived as one and I’ll be loving you.
The only love I ever needed when all is said and through
I think about you all the time, you know I do
How lucky I am
How lucky I am
How lucky I am
To be with you